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Angel Alliance is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG designed for casual players with its easy accessibility on the web browser, auto-path/battle feature and quick level-up and active multiplayer interaction.

Angel Alliance

While the game title reminds you of another free MMORPG named League of Angels, you are more assured of their similarity in sight of the artwork and then aware of the fact that it is League of Angels under the operation of another publisher with a different name the moment when you step into the gaming world. So if you’ve already played that game, you have no reason to start again in this differently named twin. And if you haven’t, you can expect the key game features as follows.

  • Enter a world caught in the eternal Light vs. Dark conflict and join the good angels to defeat the evil forces
  • Start the journey as a Warrior or a Mage and travel down the class-based path of choosing to unlock many abilities and matching gears
  • Follow the quest line to level up character, earn better equipment and weapons and activate a bunch of level-based contents
  • Light up the nodes in the astral map to open up features including character enhancement, mount, weapon forge, single and team arenas, guild and so on
  • Build a team of fighters and combine with different angels to borrow their skills and power to fight turn-based battles
  • Socialize with other players and make friends to gain bonuses
  • Play the game completely for free

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