Brave Little Beasties

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Brave Little Beasties is an upcoming 3D cute browser game about capturing and raising battle pets. In the colorful, stylish world, little adventurers will explore around capturing adorable yet aggressive animals, raise them and train them into strong fighters.

Brave Little Beasties

It’s a game targeted at casual players with its lighthearted gameplay and cute artwork. Around the pet-raising theme, players will be able to capture tons of different animals, train them to learn special skills (based on the food players offer), and conduct breeding experiment to create unique, powerful species by mixing several different types. From the brisk beast confrontation to the pet-cultivating strategy, this game will bring players some casual fun.

Brave Little Beasties is the first action-packed title being made by Germany developer Upjers which used to focus on simulation games like My Free Farm and My Free Zoo. Currently, the game is in Closed Beta Test exclusively for Germany players. It’s not announced whether there will be an English version. Yet based on the past experience, there is a great possibility of Facebook release in future.

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