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Bunny Maniacs is a casual puzzle game full of cutesy and challenges over 100 odd levels. Similar to the puzzler Triple Town, the game challenges to match elements to fuse them into something bigger. Combined with three different modes of gameplay, it appeals with decent variety and animations.

As the title implies, Bunny Maniacs takes you into a world of rabbits where you are requested to help them build their civilizations by combining elements. Place 3 seeds adjacently to create a sapling – similarly, you get houses, fancy houses, bunny statues and then golden carrots procedurally. Based on the easy-to-grasp rules, Bunny Maniacs prepares three different game modes – Recipe, Pollution and Gardening – that differ from each other in the level goal.

Bunny Maniacs

As you climb up levels on the evolving map you will run into three modes randomly. You need to create a number of requested elements in the Recipe mode, clear the black mud by making matches on them in the pollution levels, and grow the required vegetables by achieving four matches around kitchen patches in the gardening stages, all within limited moves. And level difficulty increases, bringing in larger land with more obstacles like stones and clouds.

You have the very tool to tackle the blocks, though – use shovel to dig up any tile, sprinkle water to evolve any element to its upper level, uncover the cloud-enveloped grid by sunshine, or replace any missing element to make a match using the magic hat. You have three free trials of each boost and can get more for soft and/or hard currency when the free supplies are used up.

Bunny Maniacs incorporates the usual lives system. If you fail to reach the game objective while scoring at least one star, it costs you a life. You can pay up for immediate refill to full or extra lives in addition to the free auto recharge and asking friends. To play the game for free for long, you need in-game friends to fill slots in order to unlock new maps after Lv. 30 unless you are willing to spend gems on this too. So the game plays free, with optional paid features. And in its free-to-play model there is frequent pop-up of ads for other games between levels.

Bunny Maniacs has vivid animation and fun levels that can keep you entertained for hours if you love bunnies and the pull-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat style combination puzzles.

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