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Cafeteria Clash is a fast-paced Tower Defense game that turns the school lunchroom into a playground for food fights. The game is built on the familiar tower-defense mechanics with the waves-based attack and strategic defense setup but wrapped into a quite different free-to-play experience on social platforms with its Monarch vs. Rebels kids game.

In Cafeteria Clash you play the Monarch who needs to fend off the rebelling kids trying to hit you on the face with food. You can build your own defense by deploying knights to different tables along the paths. When a battle starts your knights will throw food at rebels within range to make them surrender. You only have two or three knights to start off with. As you are taking down rebels, you impress other kids who will enlist as new knights at your service. Your objective is to take out all rebels in multiple waves to win. And you lose if a rebel breaks through your defense and hits you with food.

Cafeteria Clash

Knights in the game are all standard like clone soldiers. What makes them different is the food they throw. Cafeteria Clash prepares a variety of food in your lunchbox that vary in the power, speed and range. And some food also boasts of special attribute categorized in five classes generally. Food like apples and tomatoes can bounce to a nearby target after impact; turkey slices and meatballs are most useful against rebels outfitted with gear like hamlets; beverage can splash in a small area around the target; things like peas and corns have the chance of attacking multiple times; and cheeses and butter squares can slow down the fast walkers.

You can manage and pack your lunchbox with a dozen types of food of which five pieces will show up in the list at random for use. What spicy up the play is that you can combine different food as ingredients to create combo food with extra damage due to the increased base stats and combined special attributes. Combining peas with meatballs gives you both barrage and armor breaker attributes. Almost all food can be mixed for extra power, even though it’s unlikely to match in the usual menu. So experiment with all kinds of combo, or even trio.

Combo is more powerful but making combo is for the cost of knights. So is placing tables. You need to fend off rebels on different maps varying in paths, enemy types and enemy outlets. While you start off with simple maps that have a singular path with the opposing group in each end, you will gradually handle more complicated situations where rebels split in couples of groups and come with hybrid collection along multiple paths with less ready tables. Such cases call for strategic management and flexible coordination.

As you mark more dates on the calendar, similar to levels, you will join more challenging food fights and need to take on more and different rebels. Based on features of every type you need to make them surrender with different strategies. Use dairy products to slow down the small yet fast athletes, take out the cheerleaders fast before they motivate nearby rebels to walk faster, launch meat attack to destroy the helmets of the football players, and put down the slow but tough bullies who once reach you will tackle 3 of your knights at once.

Besides, you need to balance the knights you send to throw food and those used in placing tables and combing food. That’s quite crucial especially in the beginning waves when you have limited number of knights at disposal. Moreover, you need to control the overall situation and make necessary adjustment moving knights to different tables in response to the rebel attack. Other than the standard wave-based attack there are also timed levels where you aim to earn n points in 60 seconds. In these levels rebels who surrender will return to the start line and run over and over till the game is closed.

Cafeteria Clash is available on multiple social platforms including web browser and mobile devices. It has conventional essence of a tower defense game but plays with a novel theme. While the food fight in school lunchrooms doesn’t sound very interesting, it turns out doing ok. But it can use some improvement in the game interface and overall graphics to rid of the dated impression.

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