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Car Stories is a free-to-play sports-themed simulation game focused on the building of a race city. It features a large collection of gorgeous cars and diverse facilities in the automobile field and merges a mini racing game into the solid city-building simulation mechanics. In a small patch of vacant land your career of running a big race city takes off. Clear the land, manage resources, build and run different facilities, collect, research & tune cars, join the mini racing game and make friends and achieve the common goal together – prepare to have fully-fledged simulation fun.

Car Stories

  • Building a Race City

In Car Stories you will construct many different buildings to build your racing empire. There are distinct garages to display and place corresponding cars like off-road, luxury, classic and standard series, several auto-related businesses that offer car parts, array of specials to facilitate your car performance or cash earnings, a handful of road décor, and couples of research institutes where you can study different vehicles to gain potential boosts for your collection.

As usual, it takes time and resources to complete construction of each building. And fancier facilities cost more resources and take longer time but pays off with higher profits in the long run. Not only construction, the various functions such as research, production order and manufacture of cars at different facilities require expansive periods, sometimes even 24 hours to finish.

  • Resources

You need to manage three types of resources in Car Stories: coins, cash and car parts. Car parts come from orders in the businesses like factory or dealers as well as quest rewards at times and go to level-up of the many cars you get in garage. Coins are extended in almost every move in the game – clearing trees, bushes, rocks, etc. in the land, place orders in businesses, research cars, join a racing game, build facilities and expand to adjacent areas – but also earned from its nearly every investment.

With regards to Cash, it’s the premium currency that gets you the best cars, ready supply package of the other two resources, boosters in racing game, instant completion of a structure or a mission and many more advantages. You have some free bucks in the beginning, can earn small amount of them as mission reward or from special buildings (which are expensive to be built in the first place) every one or two days.

  • About Car

How can Car Stories be complete without cars? There is a wide collection of automobiles in ten series ranging from the standard and sport all the way to the legend and epic. In each category you will find many options including one base car obtainable for coins and the rest all for bucks. You can make cars in the car factory for at least half an hour, research two different vehicles for potential performance boost, sell the unwanted in the market for profits, tune your favorite ones with car parts and take them to win races.

  • Racing Game

Simulation is the genre while sports is the theme for City Stories. So racing campaign is sort-of tie-in feature in the form of a mini-game. Instead of a developed skill-requiring competition, the in-game racing is all about timing, car level and boosters. To run a race is to hit the space bar when your car runs across highlighted lines on the track. All else you can do is to bring you best car and cough up some cash in three expensive boosters (Nitro Boost/Quality Fuel/Great Shift) for higher speed. You have about one hundred matches to race and starting from Lv.1 you need to achieve at least one star to unlock the next.

  • Others:

Car Stories is quite user-friendly with its Tutorial and continuous help in all in-game quests. It has decent graphics and sound effects. In terms of socialization, it encourages player interaction by handing out free resources every 12 hours in the black market as long as you have in-game friends to fill the role slot there.

If you are looking for the dynamic, skillful racing excitement, you can safely pass Car Stories; and if you are interested in running a themed car city, Car Stories is right for you.

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