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City of Gods is a free and casual Strategy game mixed with tower defense-style concepts, wrapped in cartoony and captive game play. The game features a cast of gods as well as various monsters all depicted in a special figurine version and put into center stage the brawl between the two sides over the control of the City of Gods.

In City of Gods you enter as a newcomer who stands by the guardians of the city and starts a new life of endless battles. City of Gods opens up its world with a user-friendly tutorial that gets you through the first 10 levels to introduce the story-driven solo campaign, battle actions, character enhancement, equipment crafting, lads recruitment and level-up, home decoration, friends and multiplayer Arena and so on. Following the guide you can grasp the game core quickly while becoming full-fledged for the upcoming challenge.

City of Gods

Battle is fundamental in City of Gods. And there are two types of battles, first the story-driven campaign and then the arena-based matchups. In the story mode you will fight different foes from Typhon’s fangs to numb zombies in a variety of distinct maps, with or without the help of a motley of NPC gods like Zeus and Thor. With regards to PvP battles, you are matched automatically with other players at similar levels in the Arena to beat each other.

Battle in City of Gods is quite a fresh design seldom seen in other strategy games. Every battlefield is filled with post-like structures, belonging to your side (including your allies’), enemy side or being neutral, from which fighting lads are generated and dispatched. Your goal is to eliminate all foes by capturing their structures and turning theirs into your own color. You can seize the neutral posts and use them against the enemies.

To attack you just drag and point – draw a line between your home base and the target and then release fighting soldiers to attack. Normally you can send half of your garrison troopers to attack and gain continuous supplies via the auto regeneration in each structure. Continuous attacks make your structure vulnerable, meanwhile. So you need to balance the forces that assault and garrison to achieve the best results – dealing non-stop blows to enemies while safeguarding your captured posts. Moreover, you can pool the forces from multiple posts to focally target one rival post by drawing lines to connect them instead of one line at a time.

The arena-based PvP is slightly different from those in story mode but similar in the essence. In the PvP matchup you and your opponent compete to seize each other’s posts to win. And you don’t always duel one player but have the chance to fight with couples of competitors simultaneously. That brings more fun and fierceness and deepens the strategy dimension as well.

By fighting battles you win Exp, coins, colorful stones, energy drinks, equipment, etc. and use these rewards to facilitate your further success. Leveling up your character and crafting and wearing better equipment make you stronger in battle. But you also need to upgrade your lads with a large amount of energy drink, which can be gained in battle rewards and also from friends’ home base. Add friends and visit their home to harvest free energy drinks (with a cooldown) from their vending machine. Friends benefit from your harvest, too, for they can win Exp in return. Surely, you have your own home and you can freely decorate it up with tons of items like trash can, paints, scenery, floors, walls, creatures and so on.

With its cartoony graphics, animated and strategic battles and active multiplayer interaction, City of Gods offers an enjoyable gaming experience. Overall, it’s good. It is now available on Facebook and coming soon to iOS and Android devices.

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