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Core Blaze

Core Blaze
  • Release Date: Second half of 2012
  • Publisher: Gamania
  • Developer: Gamania
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action
  • Official Site

Core Blaze is an upcoming action-packed fantasy MMORPG from Taiwan-based Gamania, the developer of Lucent Heart. It was first showcased at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2010 and has caught great attention ever since. Originally set to release in 2011, this teamplay oriented action title has been postponed to meet players in the second half of 2012.

Core Blaze

Core Blaze is set in a typical oriental fantasy world where adventurers explore, fight and define their own destiny. Built on Unreal Engine 3, this eastern mythology-inspired game presents an array of different locations from forgotten ruins to ancient monasteries, all rendered in 3D with realistic style; and more importantly, it adds the smooth fast-paced hack-n-slash with a layer of polish.

Gameplay is basically team-oriented, allowing up to 4 (as of now) players to form a party in the exploration of dungeons or even the wild. In the game, players are not restricted to one certain class; instead all players can try out all of four weapon types, e.g. Sword & Shield (melee, defensive, healing), Great Sword (two-handed, slow, destructive), Duel Blade (fast, light strike, first line of attack) and Long Bow (supportive, long-ranged and secondary line of attack). Players can freely choose one type before every battle and fill in different roles in a team. Moreover, the game breaks the traditional setup that makes a strongest team with all different classes gathering around. Instead, players need to learn by trials and errors the most effective class formation of a team to clear different dungeons.

Boss fight is one of the highlights in the game. Liang Qu, a blue panther-like monster that guards the Hunter¡¯s Cave instance, is revealed now in both the game trailer and official game description. This boss beast attacks not only with its sharp claws and freezing breath (for he¡¯s ice-empowered), but can also attack from anywhere in the air due to its ability to jump between the ledges on the wall of the cave. So it requires team co-op and fast hack-n-slash. If using the correct weapons, players can even destroy certain body parts of the monster. Yet before cheering too early, it¡¯s better for players to prepare to receive even fiercer attack from the injured boss in a berserk mode.

Apart from helping each other as a team, players also need to manipulate the objects in the world to pass various tests. Another amazing feature is just the in-game interactive environment that is carefully designed with many seemingly ordinary items. Such design is not new but always intriguing. For example, to unlock a chest, players have to time button presses accurately; and to cross a river, players can chop down trees on the bank to make a makeshift bridge. Being observant and creative is rewarding.

There are also some minor systems that are implemented to add icing to the cake. Amongst, players can find the interesting weather and time system, in which players can find and battle certain monsters that only appear on specific times of a day or in specific weather, or discover previously unreachable paths to take specific side-quests. And the weather, time and players¡¯ progress, etc. can combine to change in-game locations greatly, which also means players may enter the same map at a different time of the day and experience a completely new story plot and challenge.

Developers of Core Blaze attempt to make it a game that offers players with the great possible freedom in combat and in exploration. And it will be free-to-play. Stay tuned for its release date and save 10GB for it.

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