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Crystal Saga (also known as Saga of Hero) is a browser-based F2P MMORPG published by R2Games. Set in the fantasy land of Vidalia, it features an anime style that clearly shows in all of its artworks covering the character and beast images, in-game scenarios as well as items of all types.

As a typical MMO, it offers players with the staple elements usually included in this genre. Choosing from the five classes (Knight, Rogue, Mage, Priest and Ranger), players can develop their avatars following two skill tress, take quests and daily events to earn XPs, tame and train pets and mounts, explore dungeons in PvE and challenge other players in various modes of open PvP. Rich in variety, in-game systems are well-polished with novel setups of its own, such as the auto-walk in story-driven quest line, transformability of pets and mounts and alternative choice of resetting skill points, just to name a few.

Crystal Saga Review:

In the fantasy world of Vidalia, we are heroes who are able to outfit with Wings and gradually gather Souls so as to finally release the special Aura. If you can perceive what I am talking about, then you must also have played or at least known of Crystal Saga.

I picked up Crystal Saga the moment when I firstly caught a glimpse of its released screenshots. Upon entry, it didn’t fail me with its great artworks in graphics, which are vivified by the anime ambience spread all over of the game. Manga-styled characters, ferocious yet cute-looking monsters and all kinds of cool stuffs (be it shiny magic wand or giant deco rings) all together win the game favorable points.

Delved into deeper, it unfolds various layers of playable elements one after another before the eye. At low levels, we don’t have anything better to engage than taking quests, battling monsters in the wilderness to gain XP and leveling up so as to win skill points, one every two levels, to distribute. While we initially choose one out of five classes, including Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Mage and Priest, we can then further develop our characters into one specialization out of two available choices. No need to worry about misplaced skill points, for we can just re-distribute them later if we want to. And it’s great with the wide range of equipment categorized in Weapon, Offhand, Hamlet, Armor, Gloves, Boots and Ring, each specially offered to every class; so it’s no problem to turn up uniquely in the vast world.

It doesn’t suffice to make a monster-slaying combat interesting enough with only well developed character. Crystal Saga knows that and knows well, giving us more toys to play every several levels. Just a careless sum-up: we have Pets at Lv. 10, Mounts at 15, Wings at 20, Dungeons at 25 and Souls and equipment Disenchantment at 30, and on and on. So the game is as rich as the level is high.

Lv. 10 being a threshold, we stride over it, finding Beast Master in Starglade and teleported to Monster Island where we can capture our first pet. Don’t aim too high to catch a pet with a level higher than yours. And it’s a little annoying to fail the taming, which may happen if the monster’s health is high. And eager to make pets grow fast in the trial of battle? There is a knack: they gain the most XP in battles against monsters that have the least level gap with them; and if the gap is large enough to surpass ten, they will receive no experience at all. Of course, different types of pets will help in different ways. Absorb-styled pets will take 15% damage inflicted on masters under assault and Agility type will boost up in properties like endurance and intelligence, for instance.

Another five levels upward, we will be given the first mount-related quests, which, once finished, will bring us our first mount, a Turtle, a Fox or a Horse. And if you think one mount is not enough, you can level up to 30 and then 45 getting additional ones. As to battle Wings, they are perhaps more favored by female players. Yet whatever, it’s cool to look like an angel or a swan sometimes.

Jokingly, we fight just like a living-dead, since our character’s Soul is unlocked since Lv.30. Once we unlock it, we also need to develop it to gain bonuses. To reach a certain level or to gain special items are the two commonest requirements for soul development. No easy to do that; yet hard work is paid back with special Aura when the soul completion reaches certain points.

Stereotype or not, Asian games do employ an auto-walk setup more often. Crystal Saga is no exception. It provides us with a Pathfinding feature in the quest system, which directly guides us to the asked destination. Such a design saves time, especially for novices like me, but risks being snorted by veterans who prefer doing it their own way to being told where to go.

Needless to say, dungeons are as usual cheered. We take on our first in Indigo Blight, which is surely of the easiest challenge you may handle even single-handedly. But if you think you can continue to do so in those of higher dungeon, you may want to think twice. Free access to dungeons is limited as five times at most per day, and additional entry has to be paid for. Every dungeon has a final boss monster; defeat it (most times together with other players) and we can clear the guarded dungeon, gaining hefty rewards.

In addition to Dungeons, we can also play a lot of Events (different events, different rules) if we are fit in required level brackets. For instance, if we are among Lv.40 to 80, we can try the Redemption activity, three times at most per day; there we need to follow the rules, slaying monsters, gaining required quest item, arriving at specific locations, fighting the boss mobs and claiming our rewards, 80 Honor and 1 material refining capsule exp in this particular mission.

To sum up, Crystal Saga is not a game that brings any innovation to the fantasy MMORPG genre, yet it is a game that provides really wonderful gaming experience due to its every well-rendered systems. It is welcomed with good reasons.

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