Dead Island: Epidemic



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Dead Island: Epidemic (shortly for DIE) is a fast-paced zombie Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game featured with diverse battle modes and intense team co-op oriented combat. As the third game of the Dead Island franchise, the game is the first that takes the direction of MOBA and the first MOBA with a zombie theme.

Dead Island: Epidemic

Dead Island: Epidemic takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and pits players in group into fierce competition over supply points on the dynamic and open maps. Players in the game can jump into fray into battles of several different modes including the core and fresh 3-team clamor each with four members and couples of other modes to be revealed “soon”. Different game modes challenge groups of players to achieve different objectives under different rules but will be invariably provide intense combat with old-school WASD-based control and team member cooperation.

Another fun feature in DIE is the weapon crafting system. Players can make their own arsenal of weapons in the game to enhance a unique play style while adding edges for the team in battle. Due to crafting, the battle scene may look raucously sometimes with many special armament, hilarious and deadly at once perhaps, such as the bus stop sign and an upgraded shovel seen in some of the early version screenshots.

Dead Island: Epidemic – Key Game Features:

  • Play the first ZOMBA, the zombie-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Fight in several different gaming modes for varied experience like the core 3-Team competition and more revealed later
  • Have direct control over in-game fighters by old-fashioned WASD operation
  • Craft your own special arsenal of weapons to suit your battle style and give edge to your team

Note: Dead Island: Epidemic entered CBT phase in last February. More info about “characters, weapons and game modes” is coming soon.

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