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Diamond Digger Saga, the newcomer to King’s saga series, is a fun puzzle game that takes you to an adventure with Diggy beneath the ground in search for gems. Diggy, a little starfish-like creature, finds a treasure map and sets off looking for diamonds in a wonderful underground world. Join him in the journey and help him achieve his goal!

Diamond Digger Saga has really simple game rules – you click on groups of at least three diamonds to clear blocks beneath and score points. But the integrated digging adventure part of play creatively adds a new layer of variety to the puzzle game. Every level starts with Diggy drilling through the ground and bringing water to the top of the board. By clicking on gem groups you guide the water down towards the exit and then enter a new room with hidden treasures. In most levels you can dig through a handful of rooms looking for treasure while striving to reach the level goal.

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In-game puzzle is objective-oriented. In the first several maps you enter three modes at random, each with its distinct goal to complete. Levels with gem icon are about scoring n points to pass; the duck in bubble challenges you to collect a number of toys for Diggy; while the firefly mode requires you to guide water to flow through the firefly blocks waking them up. You have limited moves to use and need to use them wisely especially when you are exposed to various special blocks on the board.

From treasure chests to hidden toys, they are hidden under special blocks and can be collected in different ways. As you pass levels from the initial Diamond Dale to beyond, you will get more interesting blocks on board regardless of the puzzle mode. Of them, indestructible obstacles are certainly in your way but the rewarding types of blocks like the gold-striped square with hidden treasure may cause the failure of a level if you are distracted by their shiny surface and lose focus on the game goal. To speak of distraction, you may also want to harness your curiosity about “what’s in the next room” in some occasions.

Game difficulty increases with progression through maps; so does variety. Both new game goals and new devises like the locked exit and keys will show up and spicy up the gameplay. Meanwhile, you can unlock boosters along the way. This mainstay entry turns out to be quite conventional. You will get extra moves, the rocket-shaped line blast to dig a 4-way path and the bomb to blast away all diamonds of a chosen color. You have couples of free supply of each newly unlocked and can buy them with diggy gold for more. Moreover, you can create the Color Burst by filling its meter by every click or simply use rockets on the play field.

Diamond Digger Saga is a polished and well-crafted puzzle game that lives up to the standard of its siblings like Pepper Panic Saga and Candy Crush Saga by King. With its fresh multi-depth board design, lovely graphics & animation and great level variety, it is simply a wonderful adventure you may want to join.

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