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Divo Saga is a browser-based free online game which has fused role-playing, tactical battles and city building into a hybrid gaming experience. It conjures up a fantasy world where you act as the commander fighting with your troops in battlefields while managing a city to enhance the performance in war.

Divo Saga

Three classes are available for you to role-play, Warrior, Wizard or Ranger. All three types share four basic attributes but differ in their own strong points like the full strength bar for Warrior and the great intelligence for Wizard. Once you select your battle style, you are thrown directly into the first battles.

In-game battles, PvE or PvP, are turn-based and side-scrolling. Except those fought in the beginning, one battle usually contains couples of rounds designed in a side-scrolling style. In each round, you will recruit two of your units to fight against uncertain numbers of enemies, and you can get rewards like XP, gold and equipment if you are the winner. If you fail, you can always try again after you adjust your tactics in the choice of units or enhance your power by different ways.

You will fight many battles for varied purposes. Drive away the wolves that harass the villagers, seize a gold mine for more resources to develop the kingdom, pass a certain field for an expedition, plunder a castle for extra gold, and so on and so forth. You will be there with your units, unleashing the power of various skills and leading your troop to victory. By leveling up, you can gain skill points to distribute over the available options. And it makes you feel like a real leader that you are the only one who can deal devastative damages rendered with fair visual effects.

Battle is exciting and fun. But where do you get your troop? From your barracks in the city. You also need to build and develop your own city as a kind-of base, which is the support for your battle. You will firstly upgrade your City Hall and gradually unlock the other important structures like barracks and warehouses. The construction of a building can be completed instantly, with a cool-down time before you can start another project. Building the kingdom costs gold earned by battle, but provides various units of a troop in return. Although kingdom building mainly serves to support the warfare, it is important on its own to unlock the various features like guild and multi-player expeditions.

Divo Saga provides a 2D yet detailed gaming world in which you can have adventure in a series of beautiful scenes with different themes. It is a casual game you can access easily on browsers and play a quick battle in short bursts.

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