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Dogs of War Online is a free-to-play strategy MMO with turn-based tactical combat for PC. Inspired by the namesake board game by Rackham, Dogs of War Online features hexagon-based battlefields, a variety of mercenary units and multiple game modes wrapped into a strategic and satisfactory experience.

Dogs of War Online

War ravages the world of Aarklash endlessly where three rival armies – the sinister Ram, the greedy Lion and the predating wolf – fight each other for supremacy while free companies struggle in-between looking for their own share of loot. As a rising leader the player establishs his/her own company of mercenaries and strike out to claim reputation and fortune in the chaotic conflicts.

Dogs of War Online features more than 24 different mercenary units (more coming in regular updates) that can be acquired and customized to form a strong army. Both mission-based campaigns and fierce PvP matchups in arena are included. Players can participate in a handful of gaming modes such as Team Deathmatch and Kill the Commander and through battles, whatever the mode is, they can harvest resource points and experience that are useful in enhancing units. Due to scalable characteristics and skills of each mercenary combined with a wide collection of tactical orders, the strategy is simply deep.

Between battles players can send their mercenaries on missions for two-fold winnings. On one hand players need to deal with all kinds of events like tension between soldiers and free-time ransacking the neighborhood and dispatching warriors on mission is one effective way to keep them occupies; and on the other, missions just pay off.

Dogs of War Online is free-to-play.

Dogs of War Online – Key Game Features:

  • Build a hierarchical company of mercenaries with over 24 customizable units
  • Battle adversaries in the tactical turn-based arena battles
  • Employ deep strategies from mercenary build-up plus various tactical orders
  • Experience differently in the multiple gaming modes
  • Demonstrate leadership and make fortune by sending warriors on mission between battles

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