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Drag Racing Social is a fast-paced and nitro-fueled racing game on Facebook. A new installment to the Drag Racing series by Creative Mobile, this game brings and tailors the top speed racing battles to the social platform. It features dozens of licensed cars, plentiful car upgrades and diverse racing modes at different difficulty levels on three tracks. Customize your cars to their full potential, grow mastery of timing and skills and beat your opponents to become the top racer!



“Why not go mobile?” is a convenient thought that strikes game developers after they release titles on PC or consoles. But Creative Mobile Games seems to work the other way around. After their Drag Racing series became a smash hit on iOS and Android with over 200 million installs, they now turn their attention to the web browser via Facebook, bringing an addictive free-to-play social racing title called Drag Racing Social.

In Drag Racing Social you play as a budding racer who has just started the career on tracks dreaming of becoming a top racer. You have a good beginning by participating in the British League Qualifying Round and winning with excellent results. But there is a long way ahead with countless races and increasingly tougher opponents. Do you have what it takes to be the best drag racer?

The qualification races in the game serves as a sort-of tutorial introducing the game mechanics, controls and car upgrades. As the title indicates, Drag Racing Social is all about racing in a straight line for a short distance. During a race you need to press the gas pedal to rev the engine and shift up in good timing when the needle hits the Green Zone in the indicator dial. Once you upgrade your car with Nitrous, you have one chance of giving your car a temporary power boost in every round. The game interface is simple and clear, while in-game controls are as simple based on none but hitting buttons and/or left clicks of the mouse. But the game is not necessarily easy.

Starting with your first car, the MX-5, you pursue the career from Division Five in London. As the bottom racer, you have to defeat higher ranking racers to climb up the ladder, completing the division and unlocking the next. There are currently 5 divisions with increasingly difficult campaigns. To advance through ranks, you must hone your skills in timing – score a powerful start, make perfect shifts to maintain the leading position, and use Nitro strategically to gain a short power boost. On the short tracks – 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or 1 mile – a round ends quickly in seconds and victory is decided by milliseconds. So if you miss any moments, be it the start, the shift-up or the nitro, you see your winning odds drifting away as if being towed by the opponent’s car in front.

Besides skills, the car you drive is also crucially important. It is necessary to upgrade your car whenever you can to pull off their best performance. You can improve your car’s capabilities in 7 parts from the engine and turbo to the gearbox and nitrous. While you purchase various upgrades, you need to strike a balance between the grip and the power. If you garner enough cash, you can also install the Electronic Control Unit to unlock further custom tune. Moreover, you can customize your vehicle in style by painting the body and wheels with multiple choices.

You can unlock and purchase more cars when you complete each Division in the career mode. But that’s not all the gameplay. Drag Racing Social also prepares several other competitions to spice up the racing experience while offering you fast ways to earn cashes and gold. You can join the Race Battle, 3 times per day, which test your skills regardless of the car upgrades against your rival driving an identical car. If you want fast money and have confidence in your skills, the Underground Race is for you – put stakes on the race and win to claim all. Similar to the career, the Stake-and-Race grows more challenging and more risky with progression. As you win more races, you have to bet more and may encounter Bosses. Anything multiplayer? Well, yes. With Quick Race, you can always start your engine readily racing against random opponents.

You can play Drag Racing Social completely for free. If you are skillful and willing to invest time, you can get all cars and fully customize them. But you have the option to invest some real cash for a more comfortable experience. Via the premium gold, you can further calibrate your car for several races, paint your car with more colors, or refill the fuel tank immediately. Pay to win? It’s there but under control. Even if you have sufficient cash or gold, you have to complete each Division/Nation to unlock certain cars. Paid players do not have early access.

Drag Racing Social carries on the premium quality of its predecessors but plays different from any other. Tailored to Facebook, it has a brand new interface, simple keyboard-mouse based controls and a natural integration of social elements. It is fast-paced and so can be enjoyed in short bursts of play. Combined with its great variety in cars, upgrades and challenges, it also has special appeals that you will come back for in the long term.

Drag Racing Social Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drag-Racing-Social/222972301246281

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