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Eclipse War Online is an innovative free-to-play fantasy MMORPG by Playwith Interactive. The game has maintained the established concepts like questing, crafting, exploration and character development seen in a traditional MMO game but it eclipses many contenders with its foundational Transformation system and other fresh designs.

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A beautiful, vast and challenging land called Karis home to diverse species and monsters sets the stage for Eclipse War Online. Two rival races, Rumen and Kaligo, are against each fighting to take control of the land. Players in the game will join one side and battle towards the domination goal as a hunter, warrior, battle priest or magic stormer.

Single-player contents in the form of a quest system are heavyweight in the gameplay and due to the integration of the Transformation system they are no longer meaningless grinding. All in-game monsters and bosses, once defeated in battle, are likely to drop special Transformation cards when defeated. With those cards players can morph into the form of different creatures on the fly and utilize the very creatures’ unique skills besides the abilities of their own. With the great variety of species of 7 races in the expansive land, the number of unique creatures and collectible cards is sizeable making the exploration and quest completion a purposeful, delightful experience while creating a new dimension for strategy in combat.

More than that, the Transformation system also includes a climate factor. The type of foes is not the only variation that affects the effectiveness of a transformation. The geographic environments and the time of the day also need to be taken into consideration. Depending on the habits of the creature, a stalking rats or a sun bear, players can receive different bonuses from transformation in the preferred time and habitats. Moreover, the day-night circle also plays a role in other activities like crafting and stealth.

Exploration aside, Eclipse War Online prepares rich multiplayer interaction going with the confrontation storyline. Whether it is to battle in open-world combat, compete in the organized team-based matches in arena or fight a small-sized MOBA style battle, players can have them all in Eclipse War Online. In addition, for those craving for massive, epic wars, the game doesn’t forget them either with large-scale guild war and castle siege coming to the mix at launch. Battle in PvP is fiercer putting combatants’ skills, strategy and group co-op into test. And it’s exciting to be able to steal skills temporarily from defeated opponents in the battlefield.

Eclipse War Online is a fresh take on the traditional MMORPG that includes familiar elements but breaks the fixed pattern of it bringing in all new experience to the gameplay.

Note: Eclipse War Online entered Closed Beta Test on Feb. 25, 2014 and OBT on April 24, 2014.

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