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Forests of Eden is an upcoming browser-based online game about saving the forests in the virtual and real world. It has combined the wilderness adventure and the garden simulation, with a seamless integration of real-life environmental projects and campaigns. Help rescue the forests of the world by playing this fun game!

Forests of Eden

In Forests of Eden you will explore a series of well-known forests in the world and get to know the forests better as you set off completing various tasks. You may take an excursion collecting things such as Red Bamboo Fungus, Crab’s Eye and Benzoin Resin from the woods, chance upon native people and learn from them the secret, ancient powers of herbs like Temulawak as a remedy to rheumatism, swelling and runny nose, and participate in different campaigns to help environmentalists save the endangered forests. Meanwhile, you will also manage your own house and garden where you can raise a pet, grow many different herbs and flowers and conduct other activities there.

Forests of Eden is being developed by Berlin-based Playotope in cooperation with the Greenpeace Innovative Lab. Such collaboration merges the fun of playing a game with the fun of learning ecological knowledge. Hence a recreational and educational title.

Currently, Forests of Eden is in the closed beta phase, but needs help to fund the completion. Playotope has now started a $ 30,000 crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo ( If you like the idea of the game, please help the devs finish their creation and then protect the forests in real life.

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