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Fruit Jamba is a free and fun match-3 puzzle game by 6 waves that brings many popular social games like Fantasy Garden and Treasure Epic. The new game centers a jungle adventure where you join a bunch of animals to explore beautiful wilderness and have fun in over a hundred of match-3 puzzles with the help of the party.

From Coconut Beach your journey in Fruit Jamba begins. Swap and match – all is built on the traditional match-3 mechanics. You make matches of the same fruit to pop them into the mouth of an animal and you clear a level by reaching the specific goal – get at least one star while collecting required objects (most often the fruit) within the limited moves. And the moves left when you finish a level will automatically bring in hungry gorillas collecting a whole row of fruit for the Grand Finale.

Fruit Jamba

You can create special boosters by making special matches. But unlike the usual five in a row or T/L-shape, you need to make consecutive matches of a type of fruit after you unlock the corresponding animals. Fruit Jamba features a special booster generation system. There are five types of fruit (so far) on the play board, each favored by an animal in the exploration party. As you make progress you unlock animals one after another and then can draw upon each animal’s power for better performance.

Boomer Tiger love grapes. By making consecutive matches of grapes, it gives you a Boomerang that harvests up to 8 fruits around. Similarly, you can get a doubler drop from Coco Mammoth that doubles 4 fruits, a club from Banana King to clear a row or column of fruits, a bag by matching melon twice to gather up to 6 fruits of one kind, and a wand to transform 3 fruit to the last kind you matched. Moreover upon reaching certain level you get enhanced version of these five boosters for greater harvest.

Difficulty increases through levels as you travel far in a dozen or so maps (more added regularly). It also reveals new obstacle designs on the board such as bugs, snails, vines, rare blueberries, pelicans and pest that will baffle your level objective. You need to clear these trouble-makers by making matches with the scourged fruit or using the various power-up items like pick, torch, cutter and club.

Like most free-to-play titles, Fruit Jamba has two currency, coins and cash. You receive 50 coins when you complete a level and on every map you can also get some free rewards like cash as well as boosters. With coins you can buy several boosters before a puzzle starts while cash is spent on exclusive advantages like more lives, extra moves to save a failing board and good boosters.

Fruit Jamba is good but without anything new. With over a hundred puzzles and good graphics it provides solid match-3 experience. But in the crowded match-3 genre it’s rather mediocre.

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