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Ghost Tales is a free and fun adventure game on Facebook from Webgames. In the game you assume the role of a young girl who follows the clues of a bizarre letter about her missing grandpa to an abandoned town and embark on an adventure bravely to save Grandpa and all the residents of the town from a mysterious Dramatist.

Ghost Tales

Ghost Tales starts with a prelude of the story and guides you to the Ghost Town. There you learn from Grandpa’s spirit what happened to the dilapidated town. A mysterious Dramatist came to the town long ago and through some reasons unknown turned all the residents into masked phantoms who seemed to play some bizarre roles. Now the town is inhabited only by ghosts and the mission to uncover the secrets while restoring the town is devolved upon your shoulders. Since all evidence points to the town center, you make your way there but have to start with the house where your grandpa lives.

To tidy up all rooms of a house – clear construction debris, pick up litters around, defeat the evil slimes and poisonous flowers, fix the broken furniture, repair the leaking pipes, turn off the dash board, and so on and so forth – is your major task and the way to reach to the town center. Beginning from your grandpa’s, you will move to Mario the piper, to Richard the gardener, to Richard’s girlfriend Jane and to all the other characters, repairing their houses to help them get off their masks and then using their help to go farther.

Every character has his/her own role and a corresponding house in the game. So with every new character you enter a different house unique in its layout and adornment and need to solve different problems from leaking pipes to poisonous ivy to power cut-off. Different characters will give you special tasks, but you basically work to complete them by clearing their place. Once you step into a house, all is shrouded in darkness; as you move to accessible areas, you light them up inch by inch. You can click whatever is enhanced when you place your cursor on to either clear or search. By doing that you rid the garbage and gain rewards including experience points, coins, some energy and all kinds of materials.

Materials you gain are important, for they are required in crafting and restoring houses. While you tidy up the indoor areas, you just complete the first step of maintenance. You still need to restore it with required materials before you can convince the proprietor of the house to help you and gain various crafted items from him/her. Crafting plays an important role in the gameplay. You will need a lot of items crafted from the houses you restore before in order to complete missions in the houses still in dark. Crafting takes time. Of course, you can always accelerate it for Diamonds, the premium currency.

You will have a lot of work to do in each house and every action consumes energy. Energy remains to be the pace-setter. You start with an energy bar with 15 points to the full and can raise its cap a bit gradually with level-up. While the energy drains up quickly, you have other options other than waiting for its slow refill, which is to spend earned coins purchasing energy packages. That’s quite a generous design compared with premium-only energy refill seen in most games of this kind.

Ghost Tales is quite a conventional adventure RPG with the established point-and-click actions in the core and driving storyline behind the exploration. Graphics, animation and background sound effects are decent and fine while the social interaction is what you are familiar. With the energy system it is best enjoyed in short bursts of play. And it can be a not bad game for pastime.

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