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Guns of Icarus Online is a forthcoming cooperative airship combat game set in a persistent, post-apocalyptic world for multiplayers. Team-based, it places players in the role of Captain, Gunner or Engineer, who work together to keep the ship safe and sound, traveling though towns to trade and collect resources and fighting against pirates and rival players in the sky. Teamwork, tactics and action are what you rely on to survive the harsh wasteland.

Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online features two primary game modes, Skirmish and Adventure. Skirmish is the competitive PvP combat arena mode, which covers a variety of maps for Deathmatch, control point and other game types, a selection of customizable ships, and limited player progression with achievement-based equipment/skill unlock. And skirmish mode will be accessible when the game is released. Adventure mode is basically for free exploration and deep role-playing with an added expansive world map for players to influence the world in terms of politics and economy. Still in design phase and planned for future expansions, the adventure mode hasn’t been confirmed in precise feature, pricing and distribution scheme.

Haggle to make deals in the dynamic towns; explore the unknown in search of new resources, build your own town and defend it; develop skills and level up to unlock more possibilities; outfit airships to exploit their strengths; and brave the challenges from greedy pirates or competing rivals. Be the captain or crew members, everyone on board has a lot to engage.

The game contains many MMO features, yet remains focused on PvP combat and team-based multiplayer gameplay. New contents and features will be continuously updated to fresh the expansive world. Dates for alpha, beta and release have not yet been announced. At launch, it will be available on Mac and PC.

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