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Hello Hero is a free and fun action RPG merged with collectible cards and adventure elements. In a cartoony universe you will build up a team of five unlikely heroes and lead them into numerous battles to fend off the demonic forces that invade your homeland and brave up challenges from real-player rivals at the same time.

In Hello Hero you assume the role of a commander in the chosen planet and find & recruit heroes to protect it from invaders craving for the core energy source Hardnium. Starting off with only one hero, a standard armored knight, you embark on the long journey in the solo campaign fighting NPC adversaries while collecting more heroes along the way into your team. Very soon you can have a five-member fighting team ready to defeat all that blocks your way turning them into your own forces.

Hello Hero

You can collect a slew of heroes but you can only take up to five into a battle. To fight a battle you ought to firstly decide which heroes join the party and arrange their stances in the formation based on their strength and battle styles. Of that it doesn’t involve deep strategy but rather common sense. Place those with high HP and Defense in the front line while letting the supportive roles like healer and archer cover the back, for instance.

Then when a battle starts, your group of heroes will take their turns to deal normal attack or unleash their skill powers you choose against enemy fighters. Each hero has a couple of special abilities that suit the character design – the shark can wave its trident to freeze an enemy for 2 turns or show its teeth to raise the counterattack rate of all its allies; the knight can reduce damage with his shield or deal extra blows on opponents; and the cowboy-styled singing cactus can remove enemy spells from an ally or increase all allies attack damage by 20% with its guitar, for example. Every skill has a cool-down time so it requires you to use them wisely and in time to make the most of out for your own benefits or against enemies.

A level usually contains three battles, with strongest opponents in the last wave, just like the last boss fight in the ending levels of a map. There are many different maps in the story mode varying from one other in theme, background scenes and monsters. In the desert the singing guitar-wielding cacti and burning thorny tree trunks await you while in the sweet cookie farm the multi-colored cupcakes and biscuits are well-prepared to attack you with fork & knife and even the cherry on top of their heads. In-game enemies come in rich variety; so do their special skills. Defeating them gives a chance of recruiting them into your group as main fighters or martyrs to boost your favorite ones.

At the interval of battles you need to regularly enhance your heroes for better performance. You can level them up by using unwanted low-level heroes as materials to boost the stats of your target heroes or train them in three different ways: fuse two mastered (lv. 30) heroes plus five upgraded heroes to get a random hero of higher grade, combine two identical heroes (above master grade) to increase the maximum level via enhancement, or mutate a legendary hero to earn a different random hero of the same grade. Moreover, you can equip every hero with two types of items to increase their attack and defense traits.

The story mode of campaign is just a starter. With progression through levels you can brave dungeons, a challenge mode where you fight tougher monsters and fight for handsome rewards like better heroes and hefty gold. Also you can enter Arena to battle other players. Unless most synchronous matchups, you simply register your party in the arena who will be challenged by others automatically even if you are offline. In addition, there are PvP and Treasure Hunt features for slightly different experience as you reach the specific levels to unlock them.

Battles of story mode consume Stamina while those in arena and dungeons cost Energy. You have two gauges in Hello Hero respectively that drains little by little as you battle on. But the game developers are quite generous about these potions offering fair refill and maximum extension. In fact you won’t even feel the restriction of these two resources for quite a long time during game play.

Hello Hero is free-to-play with optional micro-transaction via the premium currency Carats. Carats can be used to purchase rare heroes in the shop and stamina, energy, gold and other items as well. Is it pay to win? Well, a little bit. But if you are willing to take your time and patience, you can get cool heroes by slow level-up and training through numerous battles. While the battle scene, awesome initially, fades away its attraction with repetitive play, you can toggle on the auto combat and 2x battle pace after Lv. 4, two considerate designs helpful to reduce the grinding tedium.

Hello Hero is available in multiple platforms including Android devices, iOS system and web browsers via facebook.com. With its cartoony art, different battle modes, great combat animation and fair hero development, it’s simply enjoyable.

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