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Indy Cat is a free and fun match-3 puzzle game that wraps the popular swap-and-match immersion within a lovely adventure story of a cat in search for the legendary Ball of Fate. Following the footstep of the cat you will travel across various landscapes passing through stages with great matching skills. The game incorporates established concepts of the genre and adds its own unique features to bring a solid and rich gaming experience.

Indy Cat

Classic Match-3 Fun

Swap adjacent gems and make matches of three or more same color. That’s the foundation of Indy Cat. And there are the same old rules – bigger matches, higher score. If you make big matches like five in an L/T-shape or six in a row you create special gems that can be matched to unleash different powers like clearing a column/row or both, popping away a square of gems and eliminating all gems of the chosen color on the board. Moreover, you can amplify the effects by matching two special gems together. Doing that may even clear the entire board sometimes.

You have specific goal to reach in every level of Indy Cat. Some levels offer limited moves while others with a timer. You need to use what you have to reach these several types of goals including scoring certain points, collecting numbers of artifacts, breaking the icy tiles and so on. As you unlock more maps you will encounter new tiles and try to complete relevant objectives.

An Adventure across Diverse Scenic Maps

Indy Cat provides hundreds of levels (so far more than 600 levels) across over a dozen of maps (at the time of writing). As the looking-for-the-Ball-of-Fate story unfolds the journey takes you into a rich variety of terrains from the mysterious caves in the medieval England to the desert of Egypt and from the exotic sakura-blooming Japan to the lands of the Aztecs. The adventure leads you not only into many beautifully drawn maps but also different play field varying in board shapes, obstacle design and available power-up items so that you have different challenge and fun every time you play.

Play with Friends

It’s easier to play Indy Cat with friends. Add in-game friends and gain the many social bonuses. There is the usual free gifting feature allowing you to exchange lives with each other. In addition, you can use unique abilities by inviting friends that help you achieve the game goal. For example, by adding friends you can use the Coin that rolls and turns all gems in its path into explosive gems, the Balls of Yarn to blow up gems of the same color and the Color Bomb which eliminates games of the same color before each match starts.

Indy Cat is enjoyable and solid with its adventure storyline, hundreds of levels and stylish artwork. It is rich, addictive and completely for free. And it makes a wonderful choice for you to play in short bursts but also for a long time of immersion.

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