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Kings Era is a free online real-time strategy game with a medieval setting. Based off medieval myth, the game sees heroes take arms up against the wild Ginghiz tribes to return peace to the village. As a young warrior, you will build an empire from the ground up in a small land and send army to take on the wild evil tribes and other rivals on the vast map.

Kings Era

City construction and military campaigns are the pillar of Kings Era as in numerous RTS games. You start off with a small land and then build the fledging city step by step. Assign works for laborers in the four resource mines, establish over 20 structures within the city wall for the cost of resources, and manage all facilities to maintain the full-throttle development of army training, research, trading, diplomacy and so on.

You can’t build your empire at will for the layout and location for each is preset. City-building is still about time and resources, basically the similar setup to many contenders. Yet you will get the idea of slow gaming pace pretty soon even before you walk through the tutorial. You have to wait for the completion of base buildings and also the forced pause at interval for the lack of enough resources. It’s like that you really take time to build a city and it also sends out the clear message about what you can expect for the later play.

Desire for faster progress? You can simply pay up. With gold, the premium currency, you can activate a whole lot of features that boost the game play. You can hire skilled professions that increase one or even all types of resource production, enable rapid training to train forces faster, or activate accelerated research to expand the possibility of all fields more effectively. And all these advantages have different prices and most are temporary and so must be renewed every week.

Kings Era features 10 different army units that can be trained and sent to specific expeditions. From conventional units like infantry, archer and swordsman to the military devices such as battering ram and heavy catapult, you can get them all by leveling up barracks and unlocking corresponding researches and can deploy them to spy an enemy’s base for intelligence, raid for resources or battle to conquer or protect. Other than conquering the NPC posts you can also join the real-player competition for large scale conflict among alliances.

Kings Era is easily accessible on the web browser without any download.

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