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Kings of the Realm is a fully-fledged medieval strategy game newly available on your browser. The game is based off classic RTS elements but challenges to add some novelty to the familiar setup. Be a liege, build a kingdom and battle rivals – that’s still the foundation; but you can expect to have a different journey growing your empire through civil and military events.

Kings of the Realm

Build the Greatest Kingdom in the Realm

Building an empire is a long process in Kings of the Realm requiring large consumption of lumber, stone, food, iron and coins. You have a pre-designed kingdom layout divided into five districts with four resource-based areas in corners and the civil region in the center. In each division you build corresponding structures and in-between you erect walls that serve as separated defense while making the overall fortification stronger at the same time.

Construction is not free style. Besides the premade layout, you have preset positions for every building, which are unlocked in order as you climb levels. And construction is all about time and resources, which combine to set the game pace. From low level to high, a building takes from minutes to hours and even days to finish level-up while consuming different resources ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. So every construction and level up is like a progress and it really provides a sense of pride and pleasure to see the empire come into being building by building.

You have only one slot for construction, recruitment and research each. But the good thing is that you can finish the live projects for the last 5-minute completion for free. With regards to resources, you can get extra by trades, purchase or loot.

Build Up A Powerful Army

Once the right structures are built, you can initiate the recruitment of different units and commanders. Currently there are 19 different types of army unit from 4 classes known as Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry and Special. Each unit is unique in its base values of attack, defense, speed and carry and either good or poor vs. others based on the rock-paper-scissor triangle between the three basic soldier classes.

As to commanders, they can be recruited as long as you pay enough coins. It costs 10,000 coins to add a Lv.6 captain to your roster and it requires 950,000 to recruit the Lv. 30 general. But the general is surely more powerful with better base stats and more capable in leading a larger size of army. Only when a commander ranks Brigadier (lv.16) can he lead the Shadow Sword; and if he wants to control the Men At Arms he has to raise to be a Lv.22 Major-General. Moreover, every commander has its preference in army units and gives attack boosts to the favored types. Let General Veros lead the Bloody Cross who can deal 30% extra damage, while Lt. Colonel Leyna is capable of facilitate the assault of archers, longbows and martyrs varyingly.

Fight Battles All Over the Map

Synchronizing with building a kingdom and an army, you can send your troops outside fighting different battles for extra resources and exploit. The wide map is filled with random resource posts, a scourge of orcs and numerous real-players that could be your potential friends or foes. Select a target, choose a commander and march your troop. Based on the travel distance and solider type, it takes expansive periods to travel and attack and it varies how many spoils your winning troops can carry home.

Battle is not presented visually but imagined through the report covering win-or-loss, casualty and enemy forces and so on. After a battle you need to heal injured commanders and units for the cost of some resources before they can be dispatched again.

Occupy resource-rich areas, eradicate orcs or assault opponents of your levels or higher (bans on wrecking weaklings). You get into war early and so should prepare for retaliation. There are two ways, joining an alliance and improving your own defense. Of the latter there are also two major fronts: upgrade walls and deploy commanders to garrison each district.

Free-to-Play Model & Premium Currency

You can play Kings of the Realm completely for free but can get an enhanced experience via its premium system. Gold is the hard currency in the game that facilitates a faster growth of the kingdom in multiple ways. With gold you can instantly finish projects underway and fill all five resources to the full which in turn support early recruitment of units & commanders and accelerated level-up and power expansion greatly. The developers are generous giving you a stipend of about 50 golds in the beginning; afterwards with every level-up you can select to get gold or coins as reward.


Among so many competitors, Kings of the Realm stands out with its solid strategy & simulation game play, large and active community as well as polished graphics. It offers a fairly slow pace but inserts a sense of progression and pride into it; and it offers diverse battles which are challenging but not overwhelmingly tough. It is based off conventional strategy concepts but renders them with nice touches that attract you to come back regularly for more. Overall, it’s a nice pick for strategy fans to have as much fun in short bursts as in marathon sessions.

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