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Landmark, previously known as EverQuest Next: Landmark, starts as a piece of Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming IT game Everquest Next and now evolves into a mature and addictive Sandbox MMO of itself. Focused on building, Landmark offers state-of-the-art tools for players to craft everything and a vast land where imagination is the only limitation.


A premium Sandbox title, Landmark builds all features on the foundation of useful and user-friendly tools. Players in the game can get hands-on with a complete set of building tools that are used in specific fronts – stretch the structure lines, try on different colors or materials, add or delete detailed attachment, smooth or erase the selected areas, save original creations to a template and easily retrieve them, and so on – in the whole procedure of creations ranging from tree houses to medieval castles to ingenious dungeons.

Around building, players will engage in several major activities, which are also the key features of Landmark as follows:

  • Explore an expansive world with diverse landscapes and rich materials
  • Gather a wide range of resources and gear like rock, wood, hay, ice, diamond across the land
  • Claim your own land and build/craft whatever you want with collected resources
  • Seek inspiration from other builders’ creations or even work together to achieve big things
  • Make the best objects and buildings in the land and so make your mark in the world of EverQuest Next
  • Sell your unique creations in Player Studio, SOE’s marketplace for player-made goods, to earn real-world cash

While kicking off the CBT, Sony Online Entertainment also changes the game name to be just Landmark because “to a lot of people, having EverQuest in the name immediately implies a fantasy game. Landmark is anything you can imagine”. Other than that, nothing is changed. Landmark is still a piece of the soon-to-be Everquest Next and associative to the bigger world in that the best buildings and other creations on it may be featured there.

Landmark is free-to-play.

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