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Monkey King Online is a free-to-play oriental fantasy MMORPG loosely based off the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. The game is built on the established elements of a fantasy title and wraps all familiar features with a brand new rebellious and heroic story. Step into the boots of iconic characters from the novel and start a legendary lore.

Monkey King Online

In Monkey King Online players can assume the role of Monkey King, the Bull, Iron Fan or Fox and will meet a slew of roles from demons to goddesses from the book. In terms of core contents, players have the usual story-driven quest line, equipment enhancement, monster kills, co-op dungeon exploration, Guild-based contests over territory, and regular events with a timer and so on. Moreover, there is a special character transformation system which allows players to shift into forms of three immortals and access their special powers for advantage in battle.

Monkey King Online – Key Game Features:

  • An Eastern World: enter an oriental fantasy world with a slew of iconic characters loosely based off the Chinese classics Journey to the West
  • Story-driven Quests: take and complete a series of missions from killing monsters to clearing dungeons to PvP duel in the game to level up and unlock a fully-fledged game play
  • Multiplayer Contents: team up with other players for challenging open world mission or multiplayer dungeon crawling and join a guild to participate in the large scale kingdom contest
  • Shape-shifting System: transform into three mighty immortals using their special abilities and create a truly custom combat build; also change the shape of your Mount by special evolution