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Ninja Heroes is a free-to-play browser-based ninja MMO inspired by the popular Japanese anime Naruto. It tells the classic story of friendship and love, bravery and honor. And it is going to lead players into a chaotic world full of adventure and action.

Ninja Heroes

Ninja Heroes takes place in a huge world similar to that depicted in the series and draws inspiration from the original story. There a secret organization is hunting down the budding ninjas and wrecking havocs to the several villages. To foil the schemes of the dark force, the little ninjas will grow in action-packed challenging quests, horning skills of ninjitsu and finally becoming great heroes as the guardian of their villages.

In the game players will control their favorite characters like Naruto Futon and Katon in the anime and work as mercenaries to protect their villages and people. Not only will players take the role of familiar ninjas, they can also learn the authentic ninja attacks based on the series and experience the exciting combat with various skills. From escort to assassination, ninjas will rise up to the challenge and defeat enemies to complete their missions while learning the true sense of love and loyalty.

Ninja Heroes is entering CBT on Jan. 29th, 2013 in schedule.