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Origins of Order is a free-to-play turn-based card battle game with a fantasy setting. The game is easily accessible on the web browser and provides fast-paced, animated battles among players or with AI opponents. Collect & enhance hundreds of cards, sort the deck and battle different opponents in multiple gaming modes – that is the essence of Origins of Order.

The combination of turn-based battles and collectible cards is nothing new in the gaming market. If you have pass experience with Rise of Mythos, Duty of Sentinel, ClanCraft or more, you will recognize the similarity, especially in the battle and card setup.

Origins of Order

Every card has three basic stats or numbers indicating the fighter’s attack damage, HP and cool-down and each in default has a base movement of 2 and a base attack range of 2. When a card is turned up in your deck and hit zero in its cool-down you can play that card placing the very fighter in one of the three squares in multiple lanes. In your turns your can continuously send available soldiers to the battlefield who will automatically deal blows to all within range whether they are enemy minions, the opponent leader or blocking walls in the siege mode. And you win a battle when your soldiers drain up the adversary leader’s health.

Victory in battle awards you coins, Exp and random equipment. You then use earned coins to purchase more card packages to expand your card collection. From the novice package to the elite, you pay higher prices and then get rarer cards. Constantly sort your deck manually or use the auto choice button to add the most powerful based on the card rarity level, class skills and special abilities.

The card variety plays decisive role in the battle strategy. In addition to the base stats, most cards/fighters possess special abilities in attack, defense, area-of-effect, buff and debuff, etc.. When your own leading character is open to assault while his/her warriors all move forward to get the rival commander, you can place a warrior of vigilance on the battlefield that attacks enemies of all directions, prioritizing enemies behind him. And there is a huge level of abilities that make every card effective in specific situations. More than that, based on the character class of your choosing, you also get class skill cards which allows your character, the leader, to unleash the power in battle once they are played to the field.

Origins of Order features hundreds of different cards. With the large card number comes certain depth of strategy. But the game play is casual on the whole. Before Lv. 20 you can toggle on the auto fight in most battles and still win them. As you hit higher level and unlock more battle modes, it’s recommended that you keep an eye on your soldiers in battle for better odds of winning.

Origins of Order designs a cartoony main interface where you can track your progress, facilitate success with card and gear enhancement and jump into different battlegrounds. There you unlock various buildings as you advance through levels and so activate the different systems.

In the Arena you can battle other players in the 1vs.1 or 2vs.2 fighting modes; in the Challenge Hall you can form a 4-member team with friends to take on bosses in various themed battlefields like the Golden Fleece, Journey of Orpheus or Poseidon’s Rage; and you can also rebel all the Gods of Olympus via the Temple climbing higher stages to win superb rewards. Off battles you can also send your forces on expedition in the Seaport to gather rewards, claim some taxes in the Palace every day, trade cards in the Auction House, enhance & enchant equipment for your character in the Blacksmith, or conduct card synthesis and fusion to craft better cards in the Alchemy Lab. While such an interface is sort-of out of date, it is convenient to track your progression in each campaign and pick up quickly where you leave in last play.

The final verdict of Origins of Order is good. With its solid yet generic card battle core and passable graphics and animations, Origins of Order suits casual players in search for some non-committal relaxation, couples of fast matches and some social interaction.

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