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Quizdom is a free and fun quiz game where you use your multi-field knowledge as power to attack opponents in ship fight. With Quizdom, Wopidom takes inspiration from Monkey Island and Pirates of the Caribbean and presents a pirate theme as well as puzzle battles. You take on the role of a captain to challenge other pirates into a quick quiz with each other’s coins at stake.


  • Quick Warm-Up

Quizdom warms you up with a tutorial where you challenge a NPC captain to a quiz battle. In a ship fight you pick the correct answer for a question within 10 seconds to fire at the opponent ship. Each cannonball does some damage and the objective is to sink opponent’s ship and loot coins.

Battle goes on asynchronously. You answer questions and deal damage on your part while your opponent will do his in the convenient time. And then the battle result comes out, booty assigned to the winner. It costs one Heart to play a challenge. When the free five supplies run out you can either wait for refill or pay up.

  • Challenge Many Themes

Quizdom prepares about a dozen different themes – sports, cinema, history, geography, literature, art, religion & myth, just to name a few. You don’t freely pick a trivia theme, though, but just randomly run into one in every battle.

  • Boost Your Ship

You can facilitate your victory in ship battle by a handful of power-up items. The TNT explodes dealing more damage than normal cannon shoot; the telescope Lookout removes two wrong answers; and the Carpenter boost fixes a hole caused by enemy fire. Before every quiz battle you can purchase these boosters for coins.

  • Collect Trophies

The achievement system gives you all kinds of trophies to mark your progress, victory and even loss. Winning a round with flawless score rewards a bookworm title; challenge with 10 friends gets you a Thirst of Blood trophy; while missing every question of a round wins you the reputation of being a fool who needs back to school.

Quizdom is a casual game with a large pool of questions covering multi-fields. The limited lives system makes it a game best enjoyed in short bursts of time.

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