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Realfantasy Online (known as “仙境物语” in Chinese) is a free browser-based fantasy RPG created by Chinese developer Dream Square. It has incorporated the established concepts of a traditional MMO and added something of its own to bring back a nostalgic gaming experience.

Realfantasy Online

In the game you can select from five initial classes including Warrior, Servant, Mage, Assassin and Merchant. Each class excels at one or two attributes of the five shared by all, and thusly represents one special kind of play style. And each class can be evolved to an advanced job at preset level getting access to more powerful abilities, due to the in-game class promotion system. With the large collection of costumes, you can definitely create a unique character with stylish attire.

Realfantasy Online features endless quests driven by the main story and a series of maps and monsters on them. By advancing to new maps one after another, you not only play against different backgrounds and against varied monsters but also gains high-level power hidden in each map. While the game structure is conventional, Realfantasy Online doesn’t adopt the automatic modes commonly seen in most Asian titles, but aims to present engaging gameplay with maneuverability and interactivity. Besides, time fragment theory is applied in development to create satisfactory experience, which is exciting yet not exhausting, with unique tempos and style.

Realfantasy Online made its debut at G-star 2012 and drew attention of overseas game publishers with its graphics of Manga style and brisk real-time battles. It is at the final stage of completion and scheduled to be launched (in Chinese) in half 2013. No words on the English/global version yet.

You can get an impression of the game from the footage and screenshots below.

Realfantasy Online – First promotional video:

Realfantasy Online Screenshots: