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Roger & Out is an upcoming sci-fi strategy RPG that is taking players into the deep, futuristic space. Loosely based on the classic sci-fi stories, Roger & Out, the two naughty funny robots, will continue their mischief and humor while guiding players through the tutorial and the whole game.

Roger & Out

Roger & Out is set in the classic and sarcastic backdrop in which players will enter the role of an obscure mercenary (with a heroic heart, of course) to battle the dark forces in the galaxy. Players will accept various tasks such as dueling with enemies and collecting spoils, and gradually level up their mercenaries with XP and increasing stats like logic and leadership. As they pursue their adventure, players will be able to unlock more regions in the unknown space.

The game is built on the basic concepts of traditional strategy titles, providing rich gameplay with a new touch of freshness and satire. It features colorful, lovely and stylish graphics, sci-fi sarcastic gaming environment, plus highly-customizable characters. There are a large collection of items from equipment pieces to minor components in the game, which can be used to create unique heroes and enhance the properties of the guild spaceship.

It’s an option to fight alone, but it’s a better, or almost indispensable, choice to play with others. Players can create or join guild, recruit crew to man the positions in their own guild spaceship, complete quests cooperatively to level up the guild and expand the ship, and unlock more benefits that can be shared by the guild members.

Roger & Out is a free-to-play title that is directly playable on the web browsers. It’s currently in the Closed Beta phase and scheduled to launch in this spring.

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