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Shards Online is an ambitious sandbox MORPG by Citadel Studios. Inspired by Ultima Online and Minecraft, the game provides a 3D player-run multiverse where players can not only enjoy rich lore and role-playing but also express their creativity freely in shaping and changing the world.

Shards Online

Shards Online takes place in an open world made of multiple shards or universes varying from one another in the theme. Through different gateways adventurers may enter a mysterious fantasy setting, a steam-punk background, a tech-led futuristic kingdom or a combination of many. And in the multi-verses players enter unique stories, explore the realm freely, encounter the live monsters and NPCs and experience fantastic role-playing while developing characters.

Not only can they explore the multi-verse, players also can create their own shards and customize them on many different levels. A player-driven MMO, Shards gives a truly high degree of freedom players can utilize to express their creativity. Lay out the settings of their world like the night time and skill gain, place and spawn monsters, create items, hold live events and more – from the details to the big picture, players can create their ideal universe. And they can add their worlds to private clusters and rule them with almighty power or connect them to the public and share with all.

Shards Online is currently in development for PC under Citadel Studios, a young indie studio founded by three game industry veterans with rich creation backgrounds with RPG classics like Ultima Online, Elder Scrolls and Warhammer Online and AAA titles like NASCAR and Madden franchises.

Shards Online is scheduled to reach Alpha in the end of 2014.