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Skyforge is an ambitious stylish MMORPG set in a vast world where fantasy meets sci-fi to bright myth and tech together. In the stunningly beautiful world, the player will start as a new born immortal and grow through a might champion to finally become a powerful god who lead followers to fend off invading armies.

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Skyforge features a rich variety of classes and a unique open class system that provides tons of customization options during players’ evolution and growth. Following the main storyline, players will engage in many different missions and tasks that lead them to solo campaign, group-based PvE, different PvP modes, free exploration, mob slaying, dungeons and more. And what’s noteworthy is that all are on one singular server so players will be able to have a really massive gaming experience with tightly integrated social interaction and large-scale warfare.

Skyforge – Key Game Features:

  • Fight action-packed battles with stunning visuals and visceral combat
  • Customize characters deeply with the unique open class system and evolution of new born immortal to champion to a mighty god
  • Follow the defend-the-world storyline to access to multiple game modes including solo campaign, party-up with friends in missions, free exploration, PvP battles and so on
  • Socialize with other players all in ONE server to enjoy a truly massive experience

Skyforge is now under development at Allods Team, an internal studio of the Mail.Ru Group that brought all the popular Allods Online, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. With console quality combat, one-server support, rich contents and many other exciting systems, Skyforge is ambitious and highly anticipated.

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