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Star Trek Timeline is a social strategy RPG from Disrupter Beam, the company that created the wide-acclaimed hit game Game of Thrones Ascent in spring of 2013. Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, the game leads players into a story-driven journey across the vast multiverse of Star Trek with a full cast of favorite characters from across all eras from the Star Trek: The Original Series to the Star Trek: Enterprise.

In Star Trek Timelines players will manage resources and build their ultimate starship and crew, go on missions with Captain Kirk, Spock and many other beloved characters, and explore numerous galaxies, planets and places where nobody has gone before with friends. In the story-driven campaign players will interact with a slew of technologies, cultures and races and complete various tasks via battle, research and diplomacy. And the game also integrates the concept of decision-making into the lore and game play; by that players can make decisions that impact themselves, friends and even the fate of the Galaxy.

Star Trek Timelines is now under development and will be released on iOS, Android and Web. Additional details will be announced in the coming months.