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Tales Runner is a racing MMO inspired by famous fairytales and lore and featured with fast, free, fun racing competitions and active social interaction. Fully localized into North America by OGPlanet, the game is going to thrust racers into a magical land rife with adventure, challenge and fun.

Tales Runner

Players in Tales Runner will race on a variety of colorful tracks and maps depicted based off popular fairytales like Alice in Wonderland and Jack and the Bean Stalk. And they can put their skills and quick flex into test in the diverse racing modes from barrier-rife PvE tracks to the fierce 8-member races to the ultimate Survival challenge. Of the hybrid combination of racing matches players can find their favorite style whether they prefer to battle bosses with friends in the campaign or play a co-op relay in the multiplayer team matches.

Racing aside, Tales Runner also prepares a variety of side quests and social features players can enjoy off track. Players can build their own farm and raise pets and grow crops there; train pets and take them to the pet racing games; and play some casual mini-games solving puzzles and having fun.

Tales Runner – Key Game Features:

  • A magical and beautiful world – Enter fairytale-inspired maps and race through tracks that poses great challenges while bringing back familiar scenes in the corresponding stories
  • Challenging PvE Matches – Compete against different NPC adversaries and hidden bosses from the various tales, in solo run or co-op with friends
  • 8-Player PvP Competition – Play against real players in the multiplayer racing modes including team relays, team matches and tough survival challenge
  • Active Socialization – Make friends, chat freely and visit each other’s farm
  • Others – Run your own farm where you can raise pets and grow crops; train pets for the pet racing games; and play mini-games for some casual fun

Note: Tales Runner entered beta on March 20 till April 3, 2014 and has officiall launched since April 24, 2014. It can be downloaded for free.

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