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Therian Saga is a free-to-play online Role-playing Game (RPG) featured with great non-linear storyline, intriguing adventure and exploration in a vast continent and rich crafting system, all wrapped into a fairly complicate and different gaming experience. In the game you can tread down to multiple paths to develop characters, learn many skills in various trades, explore diverse landscapes for adventure and create sought-after objects with other artisans. All in all, you can have a unique role-playing experience.

Therian Saga


In Therian Saga you can start your journey in the newly arrived dream land as master of one profession in Wood, Fashioning, Fauna, Flora, Metal or Stone field, each with two or three sub-branches. You can specialize in horticulture, botany or herbalism in the flora trade or set your background as a laborer with a thing for extracting, masonry or stonecutting. While the initial choice gives you a leg-up in the corresponding field, you can and need to learn many other trades and skills during your adventure.


Therian Saga prepares a lot of quests for you to take in the journey. Quests cover different types ranging from exploration and collection to dungeon crawling and battles. As you travel to different areas you meet NPCs that offer tasks, teach your new skills or assist you in a fight. Quests are tiered in terms of difficulty level that decides the probability to improve your skills up to 5 points. So challenging tasks improve skills.

Every quest takes an expansive period from a few seconds to minutes or even hours to complete. But you can queue tasks at various locations so as to complete the most possible quests even when you are inactive.


Your aptitude for a task is influenced by four factors: your character, your companions, tools and the location. Of them, companion is a nice feature in Therian Saga. You can hire a limited number of companions and use their special abilities to your advantage during quests. Companions can assist you in battles shielding you while dealing blows to enemies and they can evolve with your character.


Therian Saga has fair complexity in role-playing. It leaves out the mindless point-and-click style adventure in quests but incorporates well-written descriptions in the non-linear exploration. While you explore a location you face multiple options and make choices that lead to different results.

Take a multi-path dungeon as an example. As you go to the depth you come to a crossroads where you have to decide to turn to the west with a muffled rumble or the east with a vague green light. Suppose you head to the west – you encounter a wild boar. What do you want to do, disturb it or calm it? Disturbing it means a furious fight and perhaps hidden treasure in the hole if you win, while calming it is to tame it and let it leave the hole without harm to anyone.

Not only in dungeons, there are two or more options in almost all tasks and places – take a quest or leave it; get a sleep in tent or explore around; and so on and so forth. So make sure you read the description of a place as well as any tasks that may be available.


Crafting is a big and fully-fledged system in Therian Saga. During adventure you will collect a rich variety of raw materials after you acquire the corresponding skills and can use these resources to create awesome products. And there are many items you can craft from the object components to consumables that beat the resistance during creation to complex objects.

To get a cool sought-after item it takes more than one steps and requires collaboration of specialists from different trades. Take a battle axe for example. It involves multiple procedures like fuel extraction, log cutting, ore prospection, fuel smelting and handle woodcutting and so on that require the labor and skills of a lumberjack, a woodworker, a prospector and a blacksmith. Try to become a jack-of-all-trades or specialize in one particular skill & work with other professions – that’s your choice.

Therian Saga is now available (OB) on the web browser, completely for free. While it seems a small production compared with so many 3D browser MMORPGs, it has surprisingly mature features above far better than a lot of contenders. It’s like a hidden gem in the RPG catalog.

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