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Venus Rising is a new multiplayer online role-playing game for adults. Rated 17+, the game merges many adult contents into the established concepts of MMO games, integrating fantasy, grownup entertainment, combat, character development and quests and so on into a balanced and unique play.

Venus Rising

The Roman island of Venusia, a dreamy yet dangerous land, sets the stage for Venus Rising. Inspired by the ancient Roman and Greek myths, the in-game story is about the war between Venus as well as her worshipers and defiling gods-led army. As citizens of Venusia, players can choose to become Venus’ wards or join the defiling forces of Mars, Pluto and Minerva, fighting in the massive wars while living a new life in the island.

Players in Venus Rising can follow one of three paths towards success and fame as they choose their character classes to be Soldiers, Politian or Merchants. Every path has its own story arc and quest line that guide players to progress through levels and find higher positions in the army, senate or the rich. By level-up players can also activate and evolve into secondary classes, gaining new class-based powers from super strength to magical manipulation to compliment the major paths.

In-game missions will be plentiful for full character development and they cover diverse types ranging from collection and crafting to battle and building. For warrior classes, there are both single-player campaign in the PvE zone and intense PvP confrontation. Soldiers can both join the legion to take on barbarians in the wild and jump into fray in multiplayer war for or against Venus.

Venus Rising provides rich contents with a little sandbox element. In-game economy is player-driven. Those with the very skills can gather materials and craft various items and then sell them to others at their own store; and players can trade their collections reaped in the adventure zone as well. And players can have their own roman houses, building the garden and pool and decorating them to glamour. With merchant friends, they can even build a bustling city complete with tavern, armories and pharmacies.

When it comes to adult content, it mainly refers to the intimacy and sexual encounters between players or with NPC. Also there will be gore and blood during battles and some nude statues and similarly exposed art design in the world.

Venus Rising is still in development now. Interested players can visit and register at its official game site for more info and update.