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Year 0 is an upcoming survival-themed multiplayer strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. A global war raging for decades wrecked civilization in ruins and left the world in a state of anarchy. The ashes of the cataclysmic war have settled, but broken land isn’t blessed by peace. The few survivors have to fight for the scarce resources and whatever is left. A new warring Age starts from Year 0.

Year 0

Players in this war game will take the role of survivors battling each other for the remains of civilization. They need to scavenge for food and other essential resources to mould the new world in their image, command a strong army of various units to complete different missions, and ally to form factions for the dominant role in the new world.


  • PvE Exploration: combat against AI to seek out new territory and resources
  • PvP Combat: fight real players for power single-handedly and establish your own relations and nations to fend off rival factions
  • Sandbox World: a persistent online world that evolves with players
  • Rich Customization: develop and optimize units to fit your strategy and play style
  • High Accessibility: playable on all online platforms from PC to mobile and p for systems including Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android

Year 0 is designed for any browser-equipped devices and platforms. It is currently undergoing final testing and expected to come out in early 2013.

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